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exceptional service and specialized care

For those who seek unparalleled quality in the cleaning and restoration of their leather,  suede and fur garments.

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For over 65 years,Arrow Leathercare has been America’s most recommended suede and leather cleaner.

Arrow was originally founded by Joseph Gershon who immigrated to the United States in 1906 and founded Arrow in 1914.  In the mid 1950's Robert Gershon, Joseph's youngest son and a partner diversified the business from drycleaning , hat cleaning and tailoring into the Leather cleaning business in its infancy learning from one of the pioneers in the business, CK Kirkpatrick. That is when the leather cleaning began at Arrow.  Fast forward to 1974 when Robert's son Bruce came home to help in the business and the rest is as they say is history!  After a few years in the business learning on the job, Bruce took an interest in fur cleaning and repairs to go along with the leather cleaning and repair business. 


Just as an arrow points straight ahead, Bruce doesn’t like to focus his energies on the past. He prefers to point toward the future. “I characterize myself as kind of a perfectionist,” he said. “I guess I get bored with everyday business. I have to always take on a new challenge so it is never boring around here.”  Bruce continually challenged the status quo and wanted the business as a whole to be better more progressive and began creating relationships with leather manufacturers challenging them to make garments that were more serviceable. In doing so we created synergies and partnerships with these manufactures who trusted us with the servicing and cleaning and repairing of their customers garments and today Arrow Leathercare is known as America's most recommended leather cleaner. We have a very skilled team, but at our core we are a family business and Stephanie and Bruce are very hands on owners. We look forward to welcoming you to meet our family! 


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We are experts in virtually all types of leather cleaning & restoration and leather & fur alterations and repairs, such as designer coats, furs, handbags, gloves, and sheepskin and leather shoes & boots.

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