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“Arrow Leathercare did such a beautiful job cleaning and mending my suede and shearling coat. It looks like new again. I can say enough great things about their work and service. I wouldn't send my precious items anywhere else. Thank you, Arrow!”


“Bruce, I recently received my Schott shearling back from my complementary repair & follow up cleaning.  I wanted to sincerely thank you again for your offer and for standing behind the quality service that Arrow is known for. The repairs were made, and the offending odor is gone. The jacket is great. I commend your professionalism and have my complete confidence restored in Arrow Leathercare. Thank you again.” 
John H.


“I wanted to call Bob and let him know they did a beautiful job on my jacket. It looks new. I have already passed your literature on to a friend that’s about to mail her stuff in as well. Thank you very much! It was really a beautiful job.”
Barbara M.


“You are FANTASTIC! This makes 3 for 3. I've had a leather jacket repaired & restored; silk bedspread that I thought was ruined with stain, but Arrow somehow managed to get it removed and now a very expensive ski suit that had "oil stains" splattered throughout. I was sick when I saw the stains that my regular cleaner pointed out & refused to clean and thought the suit had to be disposed of. Then I remembered Arrow and thought I had nothing to lose by sending the suit to your Company. After 3 weeks, the suit was returned to me. The stains are gone (except for some tiny areas where you would need a magnifying glass to see them). Again, you have done outstanding work and I have years of wear left in my Bogner Ski Outfit. I really appreciate the courteous, professional service from the staff at Arrow from the person who answers the phone and "Bob" who personally called me to discuss the problem to the people who worked on the suit itself. Thank you everyone!”
Regards, Trudi


“Hi Susie, Got the handbags today. Judy opened them up and said look there are ribbons and paper. They look like their gift-wrapped. She’s tickled to death and thinks they look wonderful. As soon as my Remy coat gets a little more wear on it, I’ll send it to be cleaned. Thanks a lot Susie. Have a great weekend!”
Ron C.


“I must applaud you for your amazing work Bruce. I'm so thankful, the leather jacket looks great!!  I really appreciate it and I owe you hugely.”
Thank you, Leslie H.


“Bruce Hi, I just received my black leather jacket, and it is brand-new. It’s beautiful. I thank you so much. I will never forget how you restored my wonderful jacket. I’ll keep your phone number in case I need to use you again. Thank you so much and have a good year!”
Paula H. New Mexico


“Thank you all for your work on my jacket.  It is now presentable.  Though the winters in Mississippi are not known for being cold, I will look for opportunities to wear, with pride, this once old and now new jacket.”
Bob T.

“Bruce, Congratulations on the fantastic article in The Star this past week. It was a joy to read about your history. Just like the article mentions, Cindy's coat looks new again! She loves it!”
Thank you, David K.


“You performed WONDERS on my leather jacket. I really thought it was destined for the dump or the Smithsonian, but you wove your magic and was reborn and looks terrific. This is my second experience with Arrow, and as before, thank you for the wonderful service and job.”
Regards, Peter B. New York, NY


“Hi, about three weeks ago, I sent a purse and a leather jacket out to be restored, I guess you would call it. They were both rather old 10-15 years, I don’t know, maybe even a little older on the purse I received them today and they are just beautiful. I wanted to thank you. They are like brand-new! I was expecting them to be nice because of your reputation, but I’m just amazed. I just want to let you know.”
Thank you, Joan


“I have an Armani leather jacket that I LOVE. Someone spilled a drink on it, and the stain set. I took it to a local leather guy, and he did the best he could do, but let’s just say he basically changed the entire look, feel, and color of the jacket which is what made it so special. I heard about Arrow and figured I would give them a chance to at the very least assess whether they could fix it for me. They did! They undid what the guys did, and they made it look so close to its original look. I am so happy with the work they did. I am going to be sending them any leather work that I have and referring them to anyone I know with a leather problem.”


“Bruce, I just got my jacket back it looks great. You get guys did a fabulous job. I knew you would. I mean it looks better than it did when I bought it, which is really something. I appreciate you guys so much. I got a Polo Ralph Lauren black one, I’m going to send it and have you go over that one next. Thanks again, Bruce.”
John B. - Cleveland Ohio


“Hi Bruce, I got the boots yesterday. The boots look fabulous. She is going to love them. You guys are like a God. They look 100 times better than what she sent to us. She’s going to be your biggest fan for sure. I so appreciate all the effort that you put into that.”


“Hi Bruce, I just received my coat back. It was a long leather coat with a fox trim.  I talked to your dad when I initially sent it to. I just wanted to let you know I am so thrilled with the job that you’ve done on my coat. It looks brand-new. I can’t tell you how grateful I am, and I just wanted you to know that it was worth every single penny. You did a beautiful job.”
Thank you again, Gloria M.


“I commend your company for the fabulous job they did cleaning my three REMY jackets. They were returned looking better than new. Assuming you clean other leather jackets besides REMY, I will forward this email to some of my friends just in case they need your services.”
Thanks Again, Eric M


“Thank you. You did a great restoration of my filthy, "very worn" Schott 641 cafe racer jacket.
I bought it new but by the time I sent it to you, your assessment, "very worn" was putting it mildly. It is probably better than new after your repair, cleaning, and refinishing, retaining the supple quality of a jacket that has been broken in, but without the dirt and damage.”
Tom D.


“Susie, Just wanted to thank you and your staff for doing such an excellent alteration job on my Schott fringe jacket.  It looks and fits perfect!”
Regards, Jessica   


"To the team at Arrow Care - Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did cleaning my suede vest. It looks fabulous!!! None of the cleaners that I took it too would touch it. They were all afraid that they would ruin the suede, but you all restored it beautifully!!" 
MW ­ - New York, NY


"Hi all. I just got back to my office today and saw that the jacket (I'd sent) had come back in. WOW! You guys did a unbelievable job! I am amazed you were able to salvage this jacket. The customer is going to be very pleased. Bruce, I'm going to get you on our website as the "recommended cleaner" for our products. I will get it in the FAQ section as well as our care/protection page. Thank you so much for your efforts!"
Best regards, Len L. - PellePelle

(Ed. Note: - We love getting nice letters and emails from satisfied customers...but especially from such noted fashion industry titans as PellePelle™. Pelle Pelle is a high-end fashion brand created by Marc Buchanan in 1978. It's commitment to quality and artistic approach to fashion has been embraced for decades by musicians and celebrities worldwide. Premium materials and fine craftsmanship has become a standard for Pelle Pelle's collections, including Marc Buchanan's famous leather jackets, denim, sportswear, and outerwear.)


“Dear Bob. Thanks, you so much for the great job you did on Bruce's coat. He is very pleased that he found your company to do the repair work! We've enclosed a couple of photos to show you how great it looks. Merry Christmas to you and many blessings in 2014!"
Unsigned note.


"Dear Bruce. I was so excited to get my jacket and purse back and was even more excited to see the beautiful job you did. I don't know what I got on the jacket, but I'm glad I can wear it again because we got it in Florence, Italy on our 25th anniversary. I also checked with someone in Fort Meyers about the purse some months ago and they said it was impossible to clean. Well, you proved them wrong. Thank you again."
Nancy F. - Southwestern Florida


"Good morning, Bob its Joan Murphy and I'm calling you from Houston, TX. You had cleaned a black leather jacket for me, I just got it back in fact on Friday. I don't have the paperwork in front of me with a number, but anyhow I just wanted to let you know, it looks beautiful. You've cleaned it before, and you know it’s always been very nicely done. But this really was exceptional. I'm very pleased. And then also, on my email today I got your Fourth of July message with the flag picture and all the great information on the fourth. And I just think that's a great thing for the company to be doing. You don't need to call me back, but you know if you should want, obviously there is no reason to call me back. So, thank you very much and have a good day and a happy fourth. Thank you, Bob."
Joan M. - Houston, TX


"Bob ­ You don't need to return my call, my suede jacket just arrived and I just wanted you to know I am overjoyed with it. Thank you, Thank you! You were cautious about whether you could get the name tag off of it, but you did! And if there is a blemish in it, I can't see it. And if I can't' see it, nobody else will. Thank you for your care and attention to it. I appreciate it, and I am just delighted thank you so much."
Mary A. B. - Memphis, TN


"Susie.... I want to thank you for the work you did on my jacket. You were right.... It does look brand new! To be honest, I'm amazed at how it turned out. I'm just sorry I didn't contact you guys sooner. Please pass along my thanks and gratitude to everyone at Arrow. You came highly recommended, and you far exceeded the recommendation! I am gladly passing along my recommendation to everyone I know! Thanks again."
Jim S. - Santa Cruz, CA


"I just had to send you a thank-you note for the wonderful restoration of my yellow leather Michael Kors handbag.  It looks better than new!  Thank you so much for a perfect job. I got your brochure from a leather shop here in Amarillo on Western Street.  I owe him a thanks, too, for the recommendation to your business."
Kay P - Amarillo, Texas


"Received the car coat yesterday and am very, very pleased with the results and particularly appreciate the phone calls and follow-up.  Thank you and I certainly will use Arrow in the future and recommend you highly. Best regards."
Jim T - Fort Valley, GA


"I just got back my pink Marc Jacobs bag and it looks brand new! Amazing! Thank you so much."
Pamala A. - Plymouth Meeting, PA


"Hello, just a note to thank you for the excellent job in refurbishing a favorite jacket.  (I have just returned stateside and am able to pick it up.) Your work is excellent: new lining, leather refurbishing and treatment, new pockets, and zipper - all work at the highest standard.  My Remy is like new. I am happy to give your work the highest recommendation.  Please feel free to use my comments as testimonial. I have a Remy blazer that I will also send for service in due course.] Thanks again, best wishes and regards to Bob.
Bill G. - Tokyo


"To Whom It May Concern: I just received my St Croix leather jacket, and I can't tell you how happy I am with the restoration. This is 20-year-old jacket which was in bad shape and now I have a brand-new jacket. You all (I am from Virginia) are fantastic! And what a great marketing tool, sending the shipping bag and postage label for future business. I just want you to know that all our leather needs in the future will be sent to Arrow."
Sincerely, Norman A.


"My jacket was returned to me today and I am super impressed.  I cannot thank you enough for your amazing service.  No one can compare to what you can do."
R. B. - Tiburon, CA


"I love you! My favorite Italian leather jacket got a huge rip down the front.  I sent it to you with no expectations of ever being able to wear it again and it just arrived back to me, looking brand new.  Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I have great admiration for your craftspeople.
Susan L. - Hillsdale, NJ


"Garment Description: Man's leather jacket size Medium I wish to ship to you for cleaning and refurbishing -- similar to what you did for it in 2007. The coat is in the style of a motorcycle jacket; however, it is soft lambskin leather of much lighter weight than a biker's garment. The lining needs to be replaced. Some pocket (liners) have some holes -- possibly repairable with "inserts" rather than replacements. The worst damage is the bottom of the jacket which has an elastic waistband -- the leather is ragged. Once again, I say, Yes, I am aware that the repairs will probably cost as much as a new coat, but there isn’t no coat like this coat! You folks at Arrow Care revived it once before and I'm hoping for another miracle. :-) "
Bill R. W. - Johnson City, TN


"Thank you for the great job in bringing my black leather Remy jacket back to life.  It looks great."
Larry H. - Brownsville, TX


Subject: WOW! "I just received back in the mail my blue Kooba bag, and I had to triple check to make sure you didn't just send me a new bag! Amazing! Cleaned, color restored, and in perfect condition! There goes my idea to buy a new handbag."
Catherine F. - Houston, TX


"I have received my brown leather skirt that I had sent in for cleaning and repair. I am very pleased with the garment.  The work is outstanding.  I greatly appreciate the professionalism of your company.  I will be sending many more items for cleaning."
Krystal S. - Akron, OHedit.


"I wanted to say thank you for doing such a fine job on my Purple Suede Cape. It had a horrible stain and your creative people sewed Darts at the shoulders that eliminated that area. I have had the cape for MANY Years, It was a special gift and although it was marked badly I could not part with it. After a cousin referred your company, I sent the cape. I am enjoying wearing my vintage cape again Although we only get a few cold days here in Florida, we do wear leather and suede."
Sandra S. - Almante Springs, FL


"Received my coat today, Bea. Results are outstanding. I'm very pleased. Bob clearly "under-promised and over-delivered." Please extend my regards and appreciation to him. Best regards."
Philip B. - Sunnyvale, CA


"The jacket that I sent to you for repair just arrived back in great condition, and I just wanted to compliment you on the fine workmanship.  The way the jacket looks is awesome!  So thank you!  I appreciate your work, and the excellent customer service!
Ben M. - Redding, CA


"I just received two of my leather jackets that you cleaned and returned to me. I just wanted to tell you that they look beautiful. They are like brand new. I've tried other vendors and they couldn’t do much with them, but you did a fabulous job. They were badly stained around the collar from makeup, but it is all gone."
Joan M. - Houston, TX


"I sent you all the YSL tan suede handbag to clean, and you all did a superb job on it. I didn't think it could be done! Thanks so much!"
Pam at Ralph Lauren - TX


"To Bruce and Staff. Thank you for your honesty, courtesy, and outstanding, professional service.  I have a cow hide, suede Kooba bag.  Last year a bottle of sunscreen opened and soaked through the lining and suede leaving a dark brown stain, six inches in diameter on the outside of my taupe purse.  I attempted to remove the stain with Imperial Dry Cleaner which failed.  One year later, I took my purse to a well-known dry cleaner on the Plaza who would not attempt the "oil based" stain.  My mother suggested I take the bag to Arrow Cleaners.  The staff was wonderful and referred.  Long story short.... Bruce said he'd attempt to remove the stain or dye the purse darker to blend the discoloration.  If they weren't successful, I would only be charged for the chemicals used.  I am amazed to tell you I picked up my bag two weeks later and the stain was 100% gone.  The treatment they used removed all soiling.  I don't know how Arrow Cleaners did it.... I would recommend their restoration services to everyone!!!! Thank You Bruce!”
Kathleen B. - Leawood, KS


"Hi Bob or Susie, I wanted to thank you for fixing my little taupe jacket that I had put the sticky name tag on.  Thank you very much for saving it, and just wanted to tell you how nice it looks, Thank you!"
Karen T. - Kansas City


"Please make sure Bob in Customer Services get this email. I received my coat yesterday.  New Jacket from Territory Ahead Wanted it to look like the picture in the Magazine, and I sent a picture with the Jacket.  You called me to say you couldn't make it look like the picture. I am thrilled with its' exact appearance “Just Like the Picture"  I  would/ will recommend your service to  everyone I know that needs leather care. MY Jacket is now PERFECT. Thank you so very much."
Nina B. - Rockford, IL


"Hi, this is Laurie A___, and I just wanted to compliment you guys.  I sent you my brown leather coat with stains all over it, and I can't believe I got this coat back and it looks like brand new!  You guys are fantastic!  I think this is where Saks Fifth Ave in Cincinnati would send my things to, but I know I heard about you from the Ralph Lauren store in Aspen.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you."  
Laurie A.  - Aspen, Co.


"Bruce, your company truly performs "leather Magic"! The coat arrived yesterday, and I am absolutely pleased with the results. Thank You."



"I got my leather coat yesterday.  The jacket looks great, but it is the lining repair that rocks!!  The replacement looks like the original.  I've cc'd the shop where I originally bought the coat from - they are the ones who told me about Arrow. Thanks again for a fabulous job. Regards..."
Edward J. - Richboro, PA


"Bruce. At long last, I received my Miu Miu handbag back from Arrow Care and the new "shade" is absolutely stunning!  Thank you so much for your attention and guidance, even after hours, on how to restore her to beautiful condition.  It is so wonderful to feel comfortable sending my most precious leather goods to you; I wouldn't trust anyone else. With the rich new tobacco color and the perfect condition, I truly feel as if I got a whole new bag out of this!  Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you and your company again in the future. Best regards."
Christine S. - Houston, TX


"Susie, my white jackets are stunning again! Thank you!!!"


"Dear Bruce - We just received our 150th coat from the Arrow team since my visit in March.  Thank you for the beautiful work. The leathers are some of the best we have seen and some were in pretty rough shape.  We have also sent a few gowns and most recently a Coach duffel oversize handbag. Bruce your team has been a pleasure to work with and Anna really has enjoyed working with you and Susie. Thanks again to you, Susie, and your Dad.  Your strong family values and teamwork really show through in the items we are getting back. We really appreciate your help and look forward to ramping up and promoting our leathers and other items this fall. Please let me know if Anna or I can do anything to help our account run smoothly. Best regards from all Puritan Cleaners associates."
Gary G. - Richmond, VA


"Many years ago, I bought a Ralph Lauren orange leather jacket with white piping. It was the most expensive jacket I had ever purchased but I have worn it year after year and loved it. When I travel in it, people always comment, or if I happen to get the same flight attendant, they always say, "Oh I remember your jacket!" Well finally the cuffs and collar got so dirty and scuffed, I was embarrassed to wear it. Then Arrow Leathercare was recommended to me, and they did a terrific job not only cleaning the orange but making sure the white piping stayed white and sharp, which was a difficult task. The leather is as soft as it ever was and I look forward to many more years of wearing it."
Judy - Los Angeles, California


"(Voice Mail) I'm calling about the terribly stained, front and back, jacket belonging to my daughter. Never in a million years did I think that it could ever be worn again. Well, it is absolutely spectacular. Many thanks to you, especially to Susie. I'll be giving your number to all my friends and relatives."
Barbara S. - Philadelphia, PA


"I just got back from picking up Peter after school and I was so surprised to find that UPS had been here.  I was even more surprised to see that you were able to get my leather jacket cleaned!!  Peter is convinced that it is a new garment and not the same one at all!  I did not believe that I would ever see it again.  The drycleaners we tried in MA had us convinced that it was not possible to clean blood out of leather and they wouldn't take it.  (One place kept it until their leather expert looked at it and then told me to come and get it.)  Many thanks to you for having this done.  It really does look like a new jacket. "
Kate M. - MA


"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did on my long leather coat.  It's like getting a new one without giving up my broken-in feeling."
:o)  Toni M. - Dallas


"Arrow Leather Care is the only place I know of in the country that can do a good job repairing leather and I have been using your services since my Neiman Marcus days!"
Brad S. Roberto Cavalli - Beverly Hills


"I am more than pleased with the repair that was made to my leather jacket. Since I collect Harley Davidson jackets, you will be sure to see a great deal more business from me. Whomever is responsible for that amazing job you did for me, please extend to them my thanks. Again, remarkable job!!! Looking forward to more miracles from Arrow."
Sincerely, Bernard S. (via email)


“Today I received my shearling coat after you had cleaned it. It is beautiful.  Thank you. After speaking to Susie, she said to send her the coat back with the hood, (which I initially detached, sorry). I sent it with the following note attached “here’s the hood I did not send with the jacket. Please make it match.” Thank you for the beautiful job you did. It had a big spot and a few smaller spots on the front, and now it looks like new. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “
Sincerely, Deanna H.


“Gentlemen: I just picked up a brown leather jacket sent to you from John Pickens Clothiers in Shreveport, LA.  You cleaned and repaired the jacket and re-lined it with a beautiful, muted paisley fabric that Oxxford Clothes in Chicago provided.  Your work was magnificent.  The jacket is actually about 30 years old, and you’ve renewed to like-new condition.  If it’s good for another 30, it will outlast me. Thanks for the work.  It’s always so great to find American craftsmanship still in business.  I’m really glad John Pickens found your firm.”
Best regards.”

John O.


“Hi Susie, I received my jacket this weekend and am absolutely pleased with the repair work Arrow did.  I was amazed that the repair to the primary tear was done so well that I truly saw no difference comparing the repaired shoulder to the unaffected side.  I am very happy with the finished product and so pleased to have found your company to perform the repair of my favorite jacket. It was truly worth the wait and I want to thank you and Arrow for the wonderful workmanship and customer service.  I couldn't be happier.”
Sincerely, Quentin


“Late last year I sent you a small black leather purse I had bought in Paris perhaps 25 years ago. The zipper no longer worked. For just about $100, you repaired the zipper perfectly and then worked magic on the leather, because when I received the bag, it looked absolutely brand new! You have worked on some of my leather garments before, and I have to say your work is fantastic. I would never use anyone else and have recommended your services to several of my friends. Thank you for doing such a great job.”
Lori U.


“Bob, I got both of my garments today. Just signed for them. Thanks for the wonderful job, particularly on the leather jacket. The sewing job on the pocket was exactly what I wanted and what I needed. It’s perfect and the reconditioning job was beyond my expectations. Great job!
Thanks a lot, enjoy and your day.”
Peter M. - Chicago, IL


“This is the second or third time I have had my Remy Suede Leather Jacket cleaned by you. I bring my jacket with me when I visit my parents, longtime residents of KC now Overland Park. You do a great job. Can't thank you enough. Look forward to the next time.”
Stephen K. - Carmichael, CA


“Hi Susie, Thank you for the time and personnel touch given. I appreciate the prompt return of the other bag to Bergdorfs per my crazy request. As always, you and Arrow go that extra mile. The bag is beautiful. Knowing how well the bag is protected lets me enjoy, worry free. The beautiful purse holder is a practical and novel protection. I’m leaving it in the bag. Again, thank you for the patience given to me. I really do tell my friends that Arrow and Susie stand for TLC with difficult problems or important items.”
Sincerely, Pam E.


“Hi Bruce, I recently sent my shearling leather coat to be cleaned and got a call from Bob about a heavy abrasion/damage on one of the shoulders.  He said that Arrow has a close relationship with the manufacturer, and he’d check with them to see if a panel of the same leather was available for a repair. I didn’t hear anything else, so I assumed he was unable to find a replacement. When the coat arrived back from Arrow, I couldn’t believe how great it looked. And the panel had been replaced with an EXACT match!  Wow! I’d heard you guys were the best in the business and now I know for myself.  I only wish more companies treated their customers like you do. THANKS!”
Bruce P.


“Hi Bob, I’m the person from New York who sent you the coat from Puerto Rico. I just saw to coat a couple days ago. The coat was beautiful.  You did a wonderful job. I really, really appreciate what you did. It’s like a new coat.  You’re amazing. Just wanted to say thank you. Totally appreciate it!”
Robert C. New York


“Hi, I got my purple suede jacket back and I wanted to tell you it looks 100% better. I will certainly be able to wear this. Grateful for you taking another look at it. It looks good.
Thanks again”
Kathy A.


“I have an Armani leather jacket that I LOVE. Someone spilled a drink on it, and the stain set. I took it to a local leather guy, and he did the best he could do, but let’s just say he basically changed the entire look, feel, and color of the jacket which is what made it so special. I heard about Arrow and figured I would give them a chance to at the very least assess whether they could fix it for me. They did! They undid what the guys did, and they made it look so close to its original look. I am so happy with the work they did. I am going to be sending them any leather work that I have and referring them to anyone I know with a leather problem.”


“I just received my 10-year-old Remy back from your magical restoration to its original pristine condition.  Thank you for your meticulous care and restoration.   And please keep up the great work in the future.”  

 Sid K.


"Hi Susie. I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know the leather jacket turned out great!  I'm very impressed with the quality of your work and it now fits perfect.  The cuffs and waist band look a lot better than the original. Thanks again!!!"
Mark K.


"Several weeks ago, a very close friend asked me for a favor. Her son had requested that she send his well-worn leather jacket to have a torn pocket fixed and to put new lining in it. Looking at this jacket, I was shocked by the sight of it. My first thought was, where is the trash bin? It was not even a good candidate for the Salvation Army. The leather was thin, soiled and in terrible shape. The side pocket was torn well into the body of the jacket. The lining was soiled and in shreds. It certainly could not provide warmth to anyone. My first question to my dear, one in a million friend was, why? Why would you even attempt to rehab this jacket? It appeared more of a rag than anything that could be worn. Her answer was that this jacket meant a lot to her son. It had traveled with him on many memorable journeys, and he wanted to keep it but also, wear it as well. He would never part with it. At that, I said, there is only one company that I know of, that could even attempt this miracle. I emailed Bruce Gershon of Arrow Fabricare and of course, he also asked, why? Today, I received the jacket back. When I say, this jacket looked brand new, I am not embellishing its condition. I cannot believe the transition. It looked like it just came off the rack. I was astonished, overjoyed and incredulous. I immediately called Bruce to thank him. I can't wait to see the look on my friend's face when she asks, how?"
Mikie K., Los Angeles


"I was delighted to receive my UGG boots yesterday! You did a fantastic job of cleaning them. They looked almost new! Thank you for your excellent service! May your holidays be warm and bright!"
Barb M., Shawnee Mission, KS.


"Hi all:  I just received my jacket.  Good job.  Pass on compliment to Bob please.  The Lambskin work was beautiful.  Happy winter!  Thank you."
Paul V. McC, Alexandria, MN 5


"Hi Bob this is Rick Sam today is Monday I forgot the date but it doesn't matter you recently repaired and cleaned my leather jacket and I just wanted to call and say thank you for doing an excellent job again, and the jacket looks like new! Good work, and I very much appreciate it! so thank you very much, bye."
Rick S. - New Hampshire


"Just wanted to thank you ..... as always, you did a spectacular job. My son received the package yesterday and sent me pictures. He said the jacket was soft and smelled great and was better than new. I think I bought it for him in 1992 and it had been stored for a long time in not the best circumstances. It was well worth the price of cleaning......Your company is an excellent value and has remarkable service."
Andrea B. - Kailua, HI


"Susie ­ The bag arrived yesterday afternoon. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!  Thank you so much for the wonderful work and care you took of our guest's bag. It was Fed Ex'd to her yesterday afternoon, and I am sure she will be thrilled. I have saved the plastic bags and the labels for future items to be sent to you. Please thank all the staff that worked to create such work."
Gioanna V. The Little Nell, Aspen, CO


"Hi Bruce! Just wanted to express how much I am pleased with the results of my leather coat being cleaned! Wow! it is like brand new!!! Thanks so much for the great results and for taking the extra time to treat my coat! I will be sending one of my wife's leather coats in for cleaning and reconditioning and lining repair at the end of Winter so it will be ready for next Winter. Thanks so much!”
Dr. Bob B. - Davenport, IA


"It must be really rewarding for you all to be the BEST in the WORLD at what you do. That's so rare to find these days. I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to everyone for all you did. You guys aren't just cleaners. You're MAGICIANS! You know how trashed and hopeless that jacket was. Here's to wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season."
Sincerely, Pat C. - Santa Barbara, California


"Susie: I received the jacket, and it looks great. Tell Bob and everybody else that I appreciate their good work. Thanks a lot."
Jim G., Brookville, IN


"Hi - my brown leather jacket/coat arrived back this morning. It was re-lined, cleaned and dyed. It looks like new.  I am very pleased with the results and the cost.  I now know that I could not have replaced it for anywhere near what you charged for your services.  Plus, it is my favorite! Thank you for everything.  I will definitely recommend your company."
Sincerely, Jackie S., Elk Run Heights, IA


"I just received in the mail my leather coat and briefcase which you cleaned and treated. I have to tell you right away how pleased I am with the results. You do BEAUTIFUL work.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
Nancy R., Portland, OR


"Dear Susie and Bob. Please add my enthusiastic testimonial to your website. Arrow Leathercare is THE perfect place to trust your leather products for restoration and repair. My ancient, worn Andrew Marc leather jacket was returned to me looking as fresh and lovely as the day I bought it many years ago. Arrow's attention to my questions and needs was matched by the meticulous care given to my jacket. You cannot do better."
Judy R. - New York, NY


"Dear Bob. Thank you for the extra time, effort and creative problem solving you put into my purse strap project. I recognize what a headache it was and how much time and thinking and work you devoted to it. It looks beautiful and I am now thrilled to be wearing it every day. You are terrific! It's another example of the special team, talent and above and beyond professionalism of Arrow. Many thanks."
U. S. - Kansas City


"Dear Susie. In this package you will find two of my favorite jackets. You have always taken good care of me as a customer, and I really appreciate you. Have a Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year. Looking forward to seeing the finished product on these two items. Also the best regards to you and everyone at Arrow, the best place on the planet for garment care."
Larry C. - Ash Flat, AR


"I just got my handbag back. It is alive again! This is the ONLY place I could find to clean it & I am so pleased."
Ce Ce C. - Omaha, NE


"Dear Susie, I respectfully correspond to thank you and your Colleagues at Arrow, truly from my heart, for dying black my late Friend's fringed suede jacket, which has the utmost sentimental value for me. Everyone else in the industry told me it was impossible to effectively dye this buckskin jacket black, but you all not only took on the challenge, but communicated with me in the most compassionate manner possible and then actually accomplished the supposedly impossible. The jacket arrived today and, I must say, it is beautiful---more so than I could have imagined. If I could express appreciation in any more glowing terms, I would do it but, at this moment, the foregoing is all that I can imagine. You are welcome to post this testimonial on Arrow's website (hey, World, these people are not only the very best at what they do, but they are also very kind and considerate) and/or to invite anyone who feels the need to call me to expand upon the sentiments expressed herein. Thank you, Susie, very much."
Sincerely, Rob S. Mount Laurel, NJ


"I sent in my green Remy blazer for your company to process.  You had cleaned and repaired the pocket that was torn.  When I received it back the work is remarkable.  The craftsmanship on the repair is very impressive.  I appreciate the work that was done.  My garment looks better than it did when I first bought it."
Dennis M., Lewisburg, PA


"I just received my leather coat back and it looks and feels beautiful.  Thank you so much.  I love the coat and it feels almost brand new.  Thanks again, you guys are great!"
Betty L., Overland Park, KS


"Just a note to say, 'you're the best'. My jacket arrived yesterday and i can't believe how fantastic it looks. Thank you so much! If I have anything else to need your attention on in the future, you will hear from me. Again...thank you."
Ethalyn T., Kerrville, TX


"Dear Bruce. I received my lambskin reversible wool jacket back a few days ago and I just wanted to thank you and all those involved for doing such a fabulous job.  It looks wonderful."
Best wishes, Dana W.
San Francisco, California

P.S.  I also saw the writeup about the wonderful job your company did on Joy Philbin's leather jacket.  Keep up the good work.  I will certainly recommend your company to my friends.


"My black suede jeans were a mess and look so much nicer! Great job. Thanks so much
Elizabeth H. - Glen Allen, VA


"Dear Ms. Joplin. We just received from Arrow Fabricare my husband's jacket which you were restoring. It looks beautiful - thank you for taking away all remnants of the "Hello My Name Is" sticker - great job - very happy. He definitely won't let anyone put another sticker on him this year!!! Have a great holiday.
Nila R. - Orange, CA


"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my father’s World War II bomber jacket. Thank you so much."
Marsha D. - Houston, TX


"Dear Susie. Just a short note to tell you that everything arrived today, and in perfect condition. Joanna was over the top about it all, including, but not limited to the Nina Ricci jacket. She is thinking about how she can send stuff from overseas (through her sister undoubtedly). Thanks again, and all the best."
Andre M. R., Kamuel, Hawaii


"Dear Arrow Care Staff: I wanted to write you to thank you so very much. I sent you a very worn but much-loved leather coat and you have magically transformed it to its original new condition. I had expectations that you would do a good job however you have performed far beyond any expectation that I had. I have shown all my friends the coat. (They all thought it was a new coat!) I have also recommended you to everyone I know. Thank you again so very much."
Kind regards, Kay K., Hampton Cove, AL


"Hi this is Rick H from New Hampshire, and I wanted to leave a message for Bob.  I received my Remy leather jacket in the mail a couple of days ago, and I am exceptionally pleased with the work that was done. You replaced the sleeve linings, added thinsulate, and it was cleaned, and it looks absolutely perfect! Thank you very much!  I'm going to be sending along another jacket
that needs slight repair as well as some cleaning.  Thank you again so much!"
Rick H. - New Hampshire


"Hi Bruce. I'm calling from San Diego. I just wanted to thank you. The jacket arrived yesterday, it looks beautiful, you did a great job, you fixed up all of the problems, and it looks night and day from the last time I saw it.  I just really appreciate your attention and thank you so much for taking such good care of me!"
Larry B. - San Diego, CA


"Beautiful work done on my coat, it came back much better than I expected!
Carol A., Worcester, Massachusetts


"You guys did a terrific job on my leather jacket. It looks fantastic! It looks better than the day I bought it, some 12 years ago. Thanks for a great job and for the excellent customer service."
Chuck I., Milltown, NJ


"My leather sport coat arrived yesterday, and it looks like new!  I am totally pleased and simply wanted to say "thank you" to you and Arrow. Best.”
Jim M. Scottsdale, AZ


"I just received my suede and leather duster which you cleaned and repaired.  Great job.  For years the Claymore Shop (ed.: this store is one of few like it in the country, selling only stunning menswear with a stylish and ultra-competent team of sales floor personnel) told me you were the place for this type of job.  I know my wife and I are happy to have found you. Thanks."
Len M., Bermingham, MI


"I just recently had a leather coat cleaned by you folks and it was delivered yesterday. I am absolutely overjoyed with how good it looks. I am calling to thank you very much for your attention to detail and it just looks absolutely gorgeous. I really like it and I get a lot of compliments."
Melinda C. - Carlsbad, CA


"My canvas and leather trim bag I bought in Paris 20 years ago is absolutely restored.  I am amazed how wonderful my handbags look. There are three more on the way.   I am going to tell everyone.   I am just thrilled.  No reason to part with a wonderful bag, just send it to Arrow!"
Ruthie Tivol - Kansas City


"Just a note to let you know my leather jacket did arrive and looks just WONDERFUL. It is so nice; I believe nicer than when new. Appreciate such a nice job. I told one of my daughters about my jacket and what you can do. She and husband ride motorcycles and have leather that could use your help. She'll be sending."
Doris H., Medford, OR


"Please be advised that we tried Arrow leather cleaners for the first time recently. The quality of work performed was very good on our Remy Navy blue jacket. As a result of such good overall customer service provided by Suzy, we sent an additional 5 garments for cleaning & will continue to use Arrow in the future & have referred our friends to you for all their leather fabric cleaning."
Bill J. - Boca Raton, FL


"I just received my husband's Territory Ahead leather jacket for cleaning and relining. It is exceptional. My husband loves that jacket. And you saved it. You'll be hearing from us again soon."
Linda W. - Ames, IA


"Thanks so much for the great job you did on my old suede. I especially appreciate the help from Bob. When I found out that he was 83 years old, I thought of my great father that I recently lost. I am so glad that there are wonderful, nice people in the Midwest."
Lisa F. - Oregan City, OR


"I work for Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle. I have a customer who owns a Faconnable leather jacket. The jacket has a two-way zipper. The customer is having trouble using the zipper and wants to put a regular zipper on the garment. I have a local shop which could probably do the work but from past experiences I know the quality of work you do at Arrow Care and know if you can do the work, it will be perfect. The zipper is 63 cm and a "Riri". Please let me know if this can be done and what the cost would be. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you."
Deirdre G. - Seattle


"I just received my leather purse today and it looks absolutely WONDERFUL!! When I bought the Coach bag in 2002, I was riding public transportation daily, so as a result, it was out in the elements and became heavily soiled and badly beaten up. When I got my own car in 2005, it's sad to say, but my car looked better than my Coach! So as expensive as the bag was, I retired it to the back of my storage closet, never to be seen again...or so I thought, until I found the Arrow Leather Care website. I didn't expect you all to work miracles, but in my book, you truly have gone above and beyond my greatest expectations. Thank you for a job well done, and I will tell everyone I know about your amazing work! Kudos and thank you!!"
Cynthia P. - Brunswick, OH


"I've just tried on the jacket, and it fit very nicely. Your people did a great job! I'm really pleased. Thank you!"
Marsha S., Shawnee Mission, KS


"Hello Arrow. I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys did on my expensive Schott NYC motorcycle jacket. I had been really worried about getting it altered, but you guys did it just like it came that way from the manufacturer. And now, finally, at last, a perfect fit! It is so much more pleasurable riding my bike with it on."
Best regards, Bill McK.
(via email)


"I want to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on two jackets that I sent. One jacket was a Remy leather jacket that needed cleaning, refurbishing and a new lining. The second one was an Overland Outfitters combination leather and suede jacket that needed cleaning, sealing and new sleeves. Both of these jackets look great, and I feel you were very fair with your charges. Please pass my thanks along to your people who were involved working on these jackets. It's wonderful to know that there are still people and companies who will take pride in their work and are willing to spend the time to see that the customer is satisfied."
Jim G., St. Louis, MO


"I brought my husband's leather coat to you and within two weeks the coat came back looking great! Unfortunately, somehow the zipper was broken, and when I called you, we arranged a pick-up at our home.  Within a few days, the coat was returned to our home with a new zipper and looking almost like new. I want to thank you for your service and, also, whomever I spoke with on the phone was very kind and helpful. I'll pass on our satisfaction."
Norma M., Kansas City


"I just got my suede jacket, and it looks beautiful. You did a very nice job, and I am very, very pleased. I will recommend your company highly to all my friends!"
Reva M.  Houston, TX


“I thought sending my pants off to Kansas City was a long way to go but I am so pleased. I just opened them up and put them on. I have them on as we speak. I’m gloating! I’m euphoric! They are beautiful and thank you so much. I know it is not easy to turnout such quality, but you did.  I just couldn’t hang them up without telling you how nice they look, and how much I appreciate you taking care of them so when I have leather, I know where to go. Thanks so much Bruce!”
Janice B California

“Arrow Leathercare, THANK YOU – YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!! We received my husband’s leather vest back today and it looks (and smells!!) brand new - I really appreciate your service and will look forward to working with you again!”
Jena S. W.


“Thank you! My coat looks fabulous!”
Lisa B.


“Bob and Susie, Congratulations on your 100 great years! Your efforts are a great example of hard work and entrepreneurship which we aspire to live up to. Best of luck for the next 100!”
Best Regards, Lyn C.


“I received my 15-year-old leather jacket back yesterday 1-22-15. I was extremely surprised on how " NEW " it looked, and the quality work done on the cuffs that were replaced It took a while, but it was well worth it. Again "Thank You" for the quality workmanship
on cleaning and repair of my jacket. Kudos to all involved.”
Tom K.


“Hi Bruce, I got my coat back. You did an amazing job. I wanted to say thank you. I would never know that you opened my coat and switched panels. You did a great job. It looks beautiful. I’m sending you another coat that absolutely needs to be cleaned. It’s another Remy jacket. I appreciate your help and I’ll drop it off at FedEx. Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for your help. You’re the best.”
Stephen A.


“Wonderful article in the paper! I know you are probably flooded with messages due to the KC Star article so, I am adding to your flood. I believe that I can say my husband and I started doing business with Arrow 50 years ago.  My husband bought a “racy” jacket, and we asked the store where they suggested it to be clean and they said Arrow Cleaners! That has been home for many years. Your crew has always taken care of me, and I truly hope that when I go to my new home it can continue. Thank you so much for your care and attention etc. etc. etc.“
Sincerely, Jerry R


“Susie, I just had to take a moment to tell you THANK YOU! I received my coat today & it is spotless.  You guys did a great job- thank you! I will use you guys exclusively with any leather needs & will refer.  I will be wearing it tonight, with a smile. Have a great evening,”


“Hi, I am just absolutely amazed! I brought my B. Makowsky handbag in with absolutely no hope of it being able to be cleaned. A hot pink sharpie marker had been thrown in my bag and had spent a night absorbing into the leather. My beautiful metallic handbag had a rather large hot pink dot on it. I was devastated.  I was blown away when I picked up the bag. Still can't believe it. The bag looks brand new. The color is fantastic. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”


“Just received my re-crafted and spruced up crocodile bag.  Wow!  What pleasure I will get using my grandmother’s vintage bag.  Thank you from a second time user of your services.  Add me to the list of testimonials!”
Donna G.


“Hey Susie, You cleaned that Carlos Falchi blue and green bag for me and my daughter . I know you know you did a great job, but I just want to tell you thank you. It looks fantastic. Thanks again.  It looks totally great. I can’t get over how pretty it is. Thank you!”

Robin S. Mississippi


“ Hi Bruce, I’m calling because we got a jacket back yesterday.  Bob said it look like it had been to the war. It hadn’t, but close to it. We got it back yesterday from having been dyed, repaired, and relined.  My mother and I simply couldn’t believe what an incredibly beautiful job you all did.  My grandfather was a tailor in Paris and my mother knows good sewing when she sees it.  This was a Remy jacket and I just had to call and ask to be put through to the president because this was unbelievable.  You also have done some repair and re-dying on some coach bags.  Those were incredible, but they weren’t in as bad a shape as the lamb skin jacket. Thanks very much.  I will be recommending you to all my friends, and I’m just delighted with the service we received, the follow up, the keeping in touch and especially the repair. It had great sentimental value for my uncle. He was hesitant to let it go. You’ve made us all very, very happy.”
Karen C


“Dear Bob- I just received my leather jacket that you cleaned and put a new lining in, and I am BEYOND happy with the results!!   I wasn't sure that the discoloration would come off the suede area inside the zipper, but it looks brand new.   The collar, which was discolored by body oil and sunscreen, also looks amazing.    And the lining that you replaced looks every bit as good or BETTER than the original.  Thanks again for your great work, and I hope you're in business for MANY years to come!!”
Jane S. Lincoln, NE


"Dear Arrow Team. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the job you did on my leather Remy Lite jacket.   I have had that jacket for 10 plus years.  It was absolutely my favorite jacket.  And it was a mess.  It needed a new liner, pockets, cuff replacement, etc.   I was ready to throw it out.   I went and bought a new Remy to replace my old one.  During the transaction, I became aware of your company by one of the sales staffs. On a lark I called your staff figuring maybe you can make it wearable, and I can use it while I paint the house or something (LOL). I am so glad to have found you.  My jacket came back looking fantastic. It was an amazing transformation.   Bob, thank you for calling me and telling me about some of the things I had missed that needed attention and then getting them fixed.  I am so appreciative. My experience with your company, Arrow Leathercare was great.  My expectations we exceeded.  Many thanks to all involved.  I am a fan and will be sending more things soon. I am also telling all my friends. You know I can count on one hand the number of letters like this I have written in my life.  It is not a very common occurrence for me.  So, if there was ever a case where a "well done" was deserved this was it.  I am so happy!!!!"
Best, Peter C., New York, New York


"Will you tell your leather friends..Remy?...that I sent my best leather jacket to the place in Kansas City and I cannot believe how new, and fabulous it turned, what a find!!! Flying to LA tomorrow morning for Christmas...leave for Aussie land next day. Hope all well....will be back in states Jan. 6. Miss you....loved that turkey!!!"
Charlotte W.


"Dear Bob, I was away last week, and came home yesterday to find my "new" coat from Arrow Leathercare.  Many thanks for the professional service, for the outstanding way that you and Suzie communicated with me about the cleaning process, and for the terrific job you did cleaning an older coat.  And thanks for replacing the broken button too - that was a bonus! I enjoyed talking with you about the history of the coat - and the fact that you had worked on it years ago when it was sent to you by the original owner.  I confirmed all that with the original owner's son, and everyone here in Little Rock was amused (and amazed) by the story and your memory. Best regards for the holiday season, and again many thanks."
Richard L., Little Rock, AR


"Hey Bob, Daniel R. Cook Drycleaning North in New York. I got all those garments back, the purse, the dress, and the slacks, all the bonded leather things. Absolutely beautiful."
Daniel R Cook DryCleaning - Syracuse, NY


"I just wanted to sincerely express my appreciation for the fine work that you did on my Lone Pine Jacket.  It really is beautiful and your recommendation from a call you made to me to get authorization to replace the leather collar and wrist cuffs was the way to go. You all are honest, pleasant, and quite the craftsman.  Should I ever have the opportunity to refer work to you I shall."
Bryon S. P. - Seattle, WA.


"Hey, Susie! It's Susan in Burleson. I just wanted to let you know I'm really, really pleased with what ya'll are doing. Everything we're getting back looks superb and I just wanted to make sure I mention that to you. We got the dog carrier back a couple days ago, and I pulled it out and it just looks fantastic. So, anyways, I just wanted to let you know we really appreciate all ya'll are doing. Thanks a bunch."
Susan - Burleson, TX


"Dear Bob: I sent Arrow my 6-year-old Andrew Marc bomber for a new zipper, new lining and cleaning. The work you did on it was fantastic. People think I got a new jacket. I could not be happier. Thank you for your time and effort."
Robert K., Long Island City, N.Y.


"I just wanted to tell you guys that you are phenomenal. You are the best cleaning company that I know.  We have sent things to you guys for a long time, leather garments that we wouldn't let anyone else touch it. Every time we send you something that has to be done, you guys to such a superb job. You get it done and you get it back to us, and everything is resolved. We just got a jacket back that my wife said, "they will never get this thing clean", and it just looks phenomenal. I can't tell you guys how good you are, and how much we appreciate you, and we tell everybody that we know about you that has something with dry-cleaning issues, and good quality stuff.  I just wanted to let you know that I and my family really appreciate your terrific service. Thank you very, very much!"
Joe B.,  Mound, MN


"Susie, this is Warren Farrell for whom you sent the Remy jacket. I just want to tell you I really appreciate how wonderful you were to deal with on the phone, and how beautiful the jacket looks. It's almost just like new! It's just so nicely done, and it looks much better on me. I'm just so appreciate of you supervising everything and getting such a quality job back to me on time. So, this is just a thank you. I hope you have a great day."
Warren F., Mill Valley, CA


"Hello Gary (at Nieman Marcus), I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the superior level of workmanship on my YSL downtown.  This was the best "makeover" that has ever been performed! Arrow Leather Care did a phenomenal job refurbishing my handbag to its original condition, despite the challenging color match. My bag looks brand new so a big...."


"The desk chair looks wonderful. Great job and thanks so much.”
Irv. H., Shawnee Mission, KS


"You helped us quickly clean a leather jacket before we left the country, it is beautiful.  Fantastic work.  We never believed the cleaning could be done so well and we cannot thank you enough."
R. H. Lynchburg, VA


"I received my Nina Ricci leather jacket back from you and want to let you know how incredible it looks and how wonderful Bob was to work with.  Bob's experience is evidently perfection because he contacted me several times to be sure the jacket would be done to my satisfaction.  I know this was a difficult job given the photo-voltaic leather which was horribly spotted and the organza collar which had makeup on it.  The jacket I received back is just fabulous and of course I will think of your company when I wear it.  I will keep Arrow on my short list for future needs. It is wonderful that yours is a multi-generational company, kudos to you."
Riva B. - San Francisco, CA


(This email was forwarded to us from Remy Leather from one of their customers who used Arrow services upon their recommendation). "My coat was repaired and the folks at Arrow really stayed with it until it was correct. I give them an A+. I will certainly enjoy shopping for another Remy knowing that if there is a cleaning issue it is taken care of so well."
Brian L.

"Bruce: Just want to let you know what a great job you did on Ruben's leather jacket. It was exceptional. The lining is great and I love the pockets you made, great idea. Thanks for all of your assistance."
Best Sandra & Ruben K., Leawood, KS


"Dear Ms. Becchina, I wanted to e-mail my thanks to Arrow Leathercare Services. I received my leather coat, and it looks as if the stain never existed. Specifically, I want to thank your representative Bob who called me and told me that he believed he could remove the stain. He is a man of his word, and he has my gratitude. Best wishes and thanks!”
Kevin McG. - Palo Alto, CA


"I just received my leather bomber jacket, and it looks beautiful.  I am very happy with the work that was done.  I will be sending you a leather sports jacket for cleaning. Thank you."
David C. - West Hollywood, CA


"Thank You. My leather bomber jacket arrived safe and sound and looks and feels great - good as new while retaining all the character that comes only with age. It arrived just in time for the coldest weather that central Texas has experienced in 25 years. Your suggestion to replace the sleeve cuffs and waistband was right on. Just a better fit and look. Before sending it to you I considered just buying a replacement that would have cost $500 to $900. You saved me a lot of money and an old friend is back in the closet. The overall results exceeded my expectations by a factor of 4 or 5. Until next time..."
Jack S., Lampasas, TX


"I just wanted to thank you so much for cleaning and repairing my coat.  It looks just like new; you guys did a great job and I really appreciate it."
Becky J., Denver, CO


"Thank you, Bob, and to all your staff. Several times I have shipped leather from Florida to your facility in KC. One time for routine cleaning and twice when the leather was terribly stained and/or cracked beyond what I believed could be salvaged. Once for a classic Michael Hoban North Beach Leather jacket and recently for seat cushions from a loved couch. Each time you called and discussed the repairs and procedure with me and each time the leather was returned in a condition that I would not have imagined. I could not have been more pleased. And thank you so much for your expertise and caring. Thanks, again, to you and your staff."
Roy S., Treasure Island, Florida


"I brought in a severely stained leather coat that I thought for sure was a goner. Arrow not only got the stain out but reconditioned the entire coat including removing all the stains around the arm cuffs and collar. It looks pretty much like new again. Hurray!! This are my words I intend passing around: "Arrow is the only place to take your leather apparel products for cleaning and restoration- Period!!"  My compliments to staff for the excellent workmanship and quality of service!!"   
Rich F.  -   Louisburg KS


"I received my jacket in today's UPS delivery. It looks very good by comparison to the product I sent you. Thank you very much."
Wally G. - Eugene, OR


"My purple leather jacket arrived yesterday, and you are right, it is ridiculously cute, it turned out so nicely. Thank you so much, I am glad we discovered Arrow. You can count on our continued business."
Dawn N.- California


"Recently we had an opportunity to have a leather coat cleaned and relined by your establishment.  We write now to tell you, your service and follow through as well as cleaning were excellent.  We have dealt with Susie on several occasions and always were treated respectfully, efficiently, and graciously.  The product has been received.  Job well done!  We are very grateful for your service.  Thank you!"
Charles and Wanda M, Ukiah, California


"Dear Arrow Care Staff: I wanted to write you to thank you so very much. I sent you a very worn but much-loved leather coat and you have magically transformed it to its original new condition. I had expectations that you would do a good job however you have performed far beyond any expectation that I had. I have shown all my friends the coat. (They all thought it was a new coat!) I have also recommended you to everyone I know. Thank you again so very much."
Kind regards, Kay K., Hampton Cove, AL


"Thank you for the amazing work on my Remy Jacket. You were right, it came back a long way from the shape the "other guys" left it in from their process. I will have a referral or two for you...friends of mine who have jackets that are old faithful standbys of theirs -- and need a lot of help."
Tom K. - Lake Forest, IL


"I am not sure this is the email to write to, but I wanted to express my gratitude and amazement at the great work that you do. I just received a leather jacket that you revamped. It was badly worn and in poor condition with stains and it looks great new. This is the second jacket for my family I have sent to you ­ each old and with great sentimental value. I will recommend you without reservation and am sure you will hear from me again. You give every customer a clear and easy way to indicate if they are not 100% satisfied (customer satisfaction guarantee included in each shipment) , but I had some difficulty deciding how to let you know I am 100% satisfied ­ more so if possible - you have exceeded my expectations each time. Thanks again."
Minnette S.- San Antonio, Texas


"Dear Bruce. One of our top customers recently brought in a leather coat he had cleaned locally. The cleaners literally destroyed this garment, and it was just not wearable. We sent the coat to Arrow and the results were impressive. It was restored to its original beauty. Thank you so much for the outstanding service. Winn Bros. will only recommend Arrow Leather Cleaners for all our fine leathers. Thanks again,"
Todd Winnick, Winn Bros. Fine Menswear - Washington, D.C.


"Hi Susie. WOW! You guys did a heck of a job with my client's purse.  She was thrilled.  I have another project for you from her.  I am mailing it on Monday.  it is an off-white linen suit.  Around the collar on both sides, you must look very carefully, but the color is gone from the jacket.  I am thinking that it was in a window and the light turned it or the store tried to get out a spot and took the color out.  I am not certain if you can fix this, but if anyone can, it is Arrow.  Thank you as always for performing miracles."
Nancy K., Dallas, TX


"My "Dear Arrow Leathercare: A few years ago, I sent you a fine leather toiletries bag that I had spilled olive oil all over.  I sent it for your cleaning services because it had sentimental value to me, not because I expected that it could be restored.  It was a mess.  When you returned it to me it was not only perfect but actually better than new.  You had not only cleaned all the oil off perfectly, but you also coated it with something so to this day it still looks new. Recently I bought a magnificent Italian leather jacket.  The first time I wore it somehow got some kind of oil all over the back from top to bottom.  I was horrified and called Bob and Susie to tell them about it.  They were both so sympathetic and assuring that it could probably be cleaned that I sent it off to Arrow.  It just came back in perfect condition.  This is amazing since the cleaning process changed the color of the trim and the buttons and you re-dyed the leather trim to perfectly match the jacket color and changed the buttons and sewed them on professionally, just as the designer had.  And your charges were quite reasonable. Living in New York City you get pretty spoiled with the services that are available, but I don't think I could find a leather care service as good as Arrow here or anywhere in the U.S. In an age when "service companies" are offering less and less, true service, your personalized services stand out and stands alone with the very best. Thank you for being there for me. Kindest regards,"
James R. - New York, NY


"Just got my jacket. Looks great! Thanks for getting it in shape."
Mary Jean C. - Washington D. C.


"You did a fantastic job on my Coach handbag, the suede one with flowers and all the black marker stains. Amazing! Incredible! Thanks."
Susie F. - St. Louis, MO


"I'm happy! Fantastic! So glad that you're there. You really fixed my grey Armani with the bad spot on the arm. It's my favorite jacket. I'll be sending more items (handbags) when I return from my overseas trip."
Luna P. - San Francisco, CA


"Dear Bruce, I am thrilled with the job you did on my leather vest and suede shirt/jacket.   I thought the vest was a "goner", but you have certainly brought it back to life.  It has been one of my favorites, so I am so happy that it looks so terrific.  The suede jacket looks better than ever, a beautiful shade of orange due to your suggestion that it be redyed.  You people at Arrow are the best and I will certainly pass your name on to my Carlisle customers as well as to other friends. Bruce, you were so approachable and pleasant every time we talked.  That is rare today and I do appreciate it.  All the best in 2009. Thanks so much."
Susan C. - Lutherville, MD


"Dear Bruce. Jay is on vacation ­ but, I had to write and tell you the jackets look incredible ­ I never thought you would be able to get those stains out.  Amazing. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Best regards."
Barbara W. - New York, NY


"Bruce...Just received my coat and it looks beautiful, great job. Thanks so much."
Pam S. - Sarasota, FL


"I received the jacket that you worked on and I'm VERY impressed and pleased! You'll be getting all my leather work from now on!"
Steve T. - Jacksonville, FL


"Bruce, just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the work that was recently performed on my leather jacket (relining of the body, sleeves and pockets). Your prompt/quality work exceeded my expectations! Feels like I have a brand-new jacket! Thanks."
David Ewing - Chicago


"I received my coat a few weeks ago, your company did a great job cleaning it up and removing the salsa stain from my suede leather coat. I didn't think it was possible, thanks! And I noticed you applied Stain Guard to the garment as well, a very nice surprise. You've made a customer out of me for all my leathercare needs - I'd rather ship my garments to you than a take a chance with a local vendor anytime. Nice work!"
Chris Manning (via email)

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